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Bhoomi Puja

Before starting construction to any place or any kind of other work at a new place, Bhoomi Puja is the first and important ritual to perform in the presence of Pandits, who chants Mantras and perform Gauri Ganesh Pujan with Navagriha Shanti.

Bhoomi Puja, also called Bhu Puja, is a ritual performed before constructing a house. It is a crucial Puja offered to the "Bhu Devi" or "Dharti Maa" before start digging the space. According to our rituals, Bhoomi Puja is performed for Vastu Purush and Goddess Bhoomi along with Pancha Boothas or Five elements of nature and deity of Directions - to remove all the adverse effects and Vaastu Doshas in the place. Bhoomi Puja is the best source of bringing happiness in life. Bhoomi Puja is performed to appease Mother Earth or Bhoomi Mata. Bhoomi Mata is the most revered among the five elements as no life can exist and survive without her. Vidushee performs Puja at the start of any construction to seek permission and blessings from Mother Earth and to remove the negativity or Vastu dosh of the place.

Key Insights
  • Bhoomi Puja is the best source of getting blessings of Mother Earth
  • It is the best Puja to get rid of all evils and reduces all the negatives from the land
  • It helps for smooth completion of work without any hurdle
  • It provides with well being and happiness of the people
  • Bhoomi Puja is also done to yield more crops
  • It makes Vaastu Purush happy and grand his blessings
Best Time
  • Vaastu Time decides the best timing to perform Bhoomi puja.
  • It also depends on the Griha Nakshatra of the person.
  • You can get it done on any Good Tithi or day of the month.
Items to be used
  1. Kumkum(Roli)—1pack
  2. Rakshasutra(Kalawa)—2pack
  3. Dhoopbatti—1pack
  4. Naariyal—1
  5. Laung—25gram
  6. Elaaichi—25gram
  7. Supaari—5
  8. Panchmeva—50gram
  9. Janeu(yagyopavit)—3
  10. Coton (Rui)-1pack
  11. Itra-1
  12. Ghee—500gram
  13. Kapoor—100gram
  14. Rice(Chawal)—150gram
  15. Ganga Jal
  16. Haldi Powder—1pack
  17. Laal kapada—1m
  18. Sindoor—1pack
  19. Dona—1pack
  20. Hawan Samagrih—250gram
  21. Jau—100gram
  22. Kala Til—150gram
  23. Indra jau—150gram
  24. Kamal gatta—150gram
  25. Lobhan-100gram
  26. Guggul—100gram
  27. Bhojptra—20gram
  28. Gari Gola—1
  29. Taambe ka Kalash
  30. Navgrah lakadi—1pack
  31. AAm ki Lakadi—1kg
  32. Boora—100gram
  33. Doodh
  34. Dahi
  35. Varan Ka Saman(Dhooti,Kurta,Gamacha)

Ghar   Ka  Samaan

  1. Friut (Phal)—5types
  2. Sweets(Misthan)—5types
  3. Phool Mala—2
  4. Phool
  5. Paan Ka Pataa—6
  6. Aam ke Patte---25
  7. Doob(Grass)
  8. Chauki—1
  9. Hawan kund--1
Steps :

Vidushee is a trusted name to call Pandits for Bhoomi Puja to get it done in a proper way. We also arrange Puja Samagri for you to help you stay worry-free about it. You have to give us a call or fill in an online query form to get Puja done.

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Pandit Detail

Pt. Akhilesh Mishra
Pt. Akhilesh Mishra
Great service

Pooja was nicely performed by panditji ......felt very positive and peaceful.... Thank you vidushee team.

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May 05, 2019 12:33pm

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