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Bhoomi Puja

Bhoomi Puja

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Before starting construction to any place or any kind of other work at a new place, Bhoomi Puja is the first and important ritual to perform in the presence of Pandits, who chants Mantras and perform Gauri Ganesh Pujan with Navagriha Shanti.

Key Insights
  • Bhoomi Puja is the best source of getting blessings of Mother Earth
  • It is the best Puja to get rid of all evils and reduces all the negatives from the land
  • It helps for smooth completion of work without any hurdle
  • It provides with well being and happiness of the people
  • Bhoomi Puja is also done to yield more crops
  • It makes Vaastu Purush happy and grand his blessings

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