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Namkaran Puja

Naming Ceremony is celebrated at a grand level in India and the rituals – performed by experienced Pandit for Namakaran Puja. It is the first ceremony of a child’s Grah Shanti and Havan – performed for the well-being of the child and get all the blessings for health, wealth and happy life. Get your Naming Ceremony performed in Vedic standards by experienced & verified Pandits with best quality samagri to ensure pleasant puja experience and long term benefits.

Key Insights

• Namkaran Puja is important to perform on the 11th Day or in 3rd Month after the child’s birth

• Name is kept according to the birth date and Nakshatra to signify fame, wealth, power and other things.

• It is purified by chanting of Mantras for overall well-being

• Graha Shanti Havan is also performed

• Rashi Name or name after Namakaran Puja is required for Sanklap Purpose and to call the child.

1 Reviews for Namkaran Puja

Pandit Detail

Pt. Jagmohan Shastri
Pt. Jagmohan Shastri
5-Star for Pandit Ji Talent

The Pooja was done by chanting the mantras veryvell and it created a pleasent atmosphere. The Vadhyar have performed as per the rules. The Pooja pleasently met all our expectations

Review By:
Rahul Aggrawal


May 05, 2019 9:07pm

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