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Annaprashan Puja

Annaprashan is the most important ceremony in a family. It is the day, when baby starts getting solid food usually Sweet Rice for the first time along with other food items. It is celebrated in a memorable way in every family – mainly in Bengalis. The Puja is performed to bestow a very healthy and prosperous life for the baby to stay healthy and energetic.

Annaprashan means grain initiation or rice feeding – introducing baby with solid food for the first time. It is a ritual done in the presence of family members and relatives by inviting Pandit for Annaprashan Puja with Chanting of Mantras. It is done after the Namakaran and when the baby becomes able to get solid food. The child is fed with very small quantities of Rice or Sweet Payasam. In some families, Kheer is the first solid food for babies.

Key Insights

• It is the auspicious day when a baby takes solid food to help him/her grow healthy and strong.

• It is performed on the 6-7th month of Janma Nakshatra day.

• Performing Puja helps in protecting the child and increasing lifespan.

• Baby gets blessings and believed that unwanted things swallowed during the baby is get cleansed.

Best Time

It is celebrated and performed on the 6th or 7th Month after birth.

Items to be used
  1. Kumkum (Roli)—10gram
  2. Rakshasutra(Kalawa)—2
  3. Peela Sindoor---10gram
  4. Dhoopatti—1pack
  5. Agarbatti-1pack
  6. Supaari—5
  7. Laung—25gram
  8. Ellaiechi—25gram
  9. Nariyal—2
  10. Chunni—1
  11. Panchmeva—150gram
  12. Ittra—1
  13. Janeu(yagyopavit)-7
  14. Ghee-500gram
  15. Kapoor—50gram
  16. Ganga Jal
  17. Haldi Powder—1pack
  18. Rui batti—1pack
  19. Match box
  20. Dona—1pack
  21. Rice(chawal)-100gram
  22. Honey(Shahad)—1
  23. Boora—100gram
  24. Hawan Samagrih—500gram
  25. Jau---100gram
  26. Kaala till—100gram
  27. Kamal Gatta—50gram
  28. Lohbhan—50gram
  29. Guggul—50gram
  30. Bhojpatra-10gram
  31. Garigola—1
  32. Navgrah Samagrih—1pack
  33. Aam ki Lakadi—1kg
  34. Laal kapada—1m
  35. Fruits(Phal)—5 types
  36. Sweets(Misthaan)—5 Types
  37. Phool Maala—05
  38. Paan ka Patta—7
  39. Aam Ka Patta—20
  40. Grass(Doob/ghans)
  41. Chauki—1
  42. Hawan Kund—1
  43. Milk(Doodh)
  44. Curd(Dahi)
Steps :

Inviting Pandit for Annaprashan Puja is essential to get the puja performed in a perfect way and according to the rituals. VIdushee helps you find the right Pandit/Pujari for Annaprashan Puja. You have to schedule an appointment according to your timing to get the Puja performed in the right way. Feel free to call us for Puja samagri and to invite Pandit for Annaprashan Puja.

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