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Yagnopavit Sanskar

Yagnopavit Sanskar

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According to our traditions and rituals, Yagnopavit Sanskar is the most important ceremony – mainly among Brahmins that starts with sacred thread – worn.

Key Insights

According to our ritual, a boy gains the right to study Vedas through this Sanskar. It allows them to enter Brahmaharya Avastha and focus on study. Sacred threads are divided into different categories, like three strands stand for Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

• It is done on the auspicious date – compatible with Nakshatra of the boy.

• The boy is counted as eligible to learn all Vedas

• He is protected from all kind of evil spirits and negative energies

• It is the best source of increasing ability to gain knowledge

• It permits Brahmin to start doing Pujas and rituals after the Janeu Sanskar

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