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Daily Horoscope

Aries Aries
21 Mar - 20 Apr
You are going through a rough mental state right now. You will repel even things that are beautiful and peaceful. Meditation can help you get out of t... Read More ->
Taurus Taurus
21 Apr - 21 May
A sense of depression will detach you from everyone. It would also repel anything that brings happiness.Today your dream project will get the approval... Read More ->
Gemini Gemini
22 May - 21 Jun
The Moon in Aquarius will keep you in high spirits today, Gemini and you will want to improve your knowledge about some subject that has always intere... Read More ->
Cancer Cancer
22 Jun - 22 Jul
Today try not to get involved in any unnecessary arguments with those close to you, suggests the Moon in Aquarius. Rather than solving anything an arg... Read More ->
Leo Leo
23 Jul - 23 Aug
A sense of depression will detach you from everyone. It would also repel anything that brings happiness.Today is a good day to consult someone for adv... Read More ->
Virgo Virgo
24 Aug - 22 Sep
Sometimes you get so lost in the details of some work, Virgo, that you fail to notice if the others are catching up with you or not. Your expectancy o... Read More ->
Libra Libra
23 Sep - 23 Oct
Your habit of speaking without thinking, of shooting off your mouth may prove very negative to you today. It might repel someone you are attracted to.... Read More ->
Scorpio Scorpio
24 Oct - 22 Nov
You might be lucky today. But you would still have to work too hard or push hard to get even the smallest of things done.The love and joy that you wou... Read More ->
Sagittarius Sagittarius
24 Nov - 21 Dec
This may be an anxious time for you and you will benefit from all the help you get as the Moon makes its presence felt in Aquarius. What will be a rea... Read More ->
Capricorn Capricorn
22 Dec - 20 Jan
Your habit of boasting and making tall claims will get you into trouble today. People dealing with you might also hold it as a grudge against you.You ... Read More ->
Aquarius Aquarius
21 Jan - 18 Feb
You might try working on a long-lost dream once again. It's never too late. In fact, it might be easier for you to achieve your dream now than before.... Read More ->
Pisces Pisces
19 Feb - 20 Mar
You are just recovering from a bad experience and have sworn never to tread on a similar path again. Once bitten is twice shy. The Moon in Aquarius wi... Read More ->

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