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Daily Horoscope

Aries Aries
21 Mar - 20 Apr
You will prefer to spend an evening with your family. You might enjoy a home cooked candlelight dinner with your spouse. It would also assure them of ... Read More ->
Taurus Taurus
21 Apr - 21 May
You are a born romantic who feels life is not worth living without love. And today you might meet someone who just shares this same view.Women who hav... Read More ->
Gemini Gemini
22 May - 21 Jun
Your investigative and inventive mind will lead you to discover something new. Your creative discovery will also bring you lot of appreciation and rec... Read More ->
Cancer Cancer
22 Jun - 22 Jul
You have had a tough time emotionally and it may take some time before the wounds on your heart heals completely. But you will receive compassion and ... Read More ->
Leo Leo
23 Jul - 23 Aug
Nothing will bring you out of the dull, melancholic state you have enveloped yourself in today. Music or anything else that's beautiful would catch yo... Read More ->
Virgo Virgo
24 Aug - 22 Sep
The Moon in Capricorn today will keep you energised, attentive and diligent enough to go ahead with the ambitious project you had started. You will go... Read More ->
Libra Libra
23 Sep - 23 Oct
A sense of depression will detach you from everyone. It would also repel anything that brings happiness.Today your dream project will get the approval... Read More ->
Scorpio Scorpio
24 Oct - 22 Nov
Fathers need to provide their kids with guidance, love and care. They will also feel capable of fulfilling all their children's' needs.Your loyalty to... Read More ->
Sagittarius Sagittarius
24 Nov - 21 Dec
You will be active and intensely alive today. You will also be generous and at your witty best.Women who exhibit great energy and are vibrant and work... Read More ->
Capricorn Capricorn
22 Dec - 20 Jan
It's time you seriously thought of proposing to the person you are in love with. If you don't do it now, you might be too late.You will meet a qualifi... Read More ->
Aquarius Aquarius
21 Jan - 18 Feb
The Moon in Capricorn will make you spiritually inclined today and you will do your best for people who need your support in their tasks. Helping to m... Read More ->
Pisces Pisces
19 Feb - 20 Mar
You are going through a rough mental state right now. You will repel even things that are beautiful and peaceful. Meditation can help you get out of t... Read More ->

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