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Mahalaxmi Puja

Mahalaxmi Puja is one of the important Pujas – performed to gain, conserve and grow the existing wealth and gain financial stability along with getting rid of all hurdles that come and blocks your way. It is the best and important Puja performed to get the blessings of Goddess Mahalaxmi.

Mahalaxmi Puja is performed to get the blessings of the Goddess of Wealth and prosperity - Maha Laxmi - the consort of Lord Vishnu. She is the Manifestation of wealth, fortune, and success. It is one of the vital Puja for those involved in business and facing financial issues.

It is the best Puja to attain high revenues and profitability in business. Chanting of Laxmi Mantra and Laxmi Purana will surely create a pleasant environment to keep Goddess happy. It is the best Puja to gain wealth and prosperity and blessings of Goddess.

Key Insights
  • Goddess Laxmi is the goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity.

  • Deity worshiped: Goddess Laxmi.

  • Lotus flowers are the main ingredients used.

  • Mahalaxmi Puja is the best source of protecting the family from misery and money-related issues

  • It is the best way of recovering from the dues

  • It helps overcome any debt-related problem

  • It recovers from financial losses and attains financial stability

  • Mahalaxmi Puja provides you with wealth, fortune and prosperity

Best Time

Mahalaxmi Puja should be performed according to the Nakshatra, Yog, and Thithi. Diwali, Dhanteras, and Akshaya Tritiya are different timings to get Mahalaxmi Puja performed.

Items to be used
  1. Kumkum(Roli)—1pack
  2. Rakshasutra(Kalawa)—2pack
  3. Dhoopbatti—1pack
  4. Naariyal—1
  5. Laung—25gram
  6. Elaaichi—25gram
  7. Supaari—5
  8. Panchmeva—50gram
  9. Janeu(yagyopavit)—3
  10. Coton (Rui)-1pack
  11. Itra-1
  12. Ghee—500gram
  13. Kapoor—100gram
  14. Rice(Chawal)—150gram
  15. Ganga Jal
  16. Haldi Powder—1pack
  17. Laal kapada—1m
  18. Sindoor—1pack
  19. Dona—1pack
  20. Hawan Samagrih—250gram
  21. Jau—100gram
  22. Kala Til—150gram
  23. Indra jau—150gram
  24. Kamal gatta—150gram
  25. Lobhan-100gram
  26. Guggul—100gram
  27. Bhojptra—20gram
  28. Gari Gola—1
  29. Navgrah lakadi—1pack
  30. Aam ki Lakadi—1kg
  31. Boora—100gram
  32. Doodh
  33. Dahi
  34. Varan Ka Saman(Dhooti,Kurta,Gamacha)

Ghar   Ka  Samaan

  1. Friut (Phal)—5types
  2. Sweets(Misthan)—5types
  3. Phool Mala—2
  4. Phool
  5. Paan Ka Pataa—6
  6. Aam ke Patte---25
  7. Doob(Grass)
  8. Chauki—1
  9. Hawan kund--1
Steps :

If you are going to get Mahalaxmi Puja performed at your home, it is better to call pundits/pujari for Puja – who knows how to perform Puja successfully. You can call Pandit for Mahalaxmi Puja by dialing a number at Vidushee.

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