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Janamdin Puja

Celebrating birthday is a very common event in our society. But, organizing Janmadin Puja is certainly the best way of getting blessing of God on the date of the Birth to enjoy happy long life.

Janmadin Puja or Birthday Celebration ritual is celebrated on the day of your date of birth to get blessings of almighty and invite your near and dear ones to be the part of the celebration. It is the best way of getting benefits from Ista Dev, Kula Dev, and your parents too. It is the special day of your birth and timing. Gauri Ganesha Pujan, Navagraha Pujan, and Yaga or Havan will fill your home with a new energy level and so your life.

It is also vital Puja – performed for a happy life. Pandit for Janmadin Puja performs the Puja on an auspicious day to make your life better and happy.

Key Insights

• It is performed on the Birthdate to get blessings from Lord and Elders

• It is also the best way of Griha Shanti and havan to keep home free from evil spirits

• Janmadin Puja is performed to reduce the malefic effects of the planets and to increase more year in the life

Items to be used
  1. Kumkum(Roli)—1pack
  2. Rakshasutra(Kalawa)—2pack
  3. Dhoopbatti—1pack
  4. Naariyal—1
  5. Laung—25gram
  6. Elaaichi—25gram
  7. Supaari—5
  8. Panchmeva—50gram
  9. Janeu(yagyopavit)—3
  10. Coton (Rui)-1pack
  11. Itra-1
  12. Ghee—500gram
  13. Kapoor—100gram
  14. Rice(Chawal)—150gram
  15. Ganga Jal
  16. Haldi Powder—1pack
  17. Laal kapada—1m
  18. Sindoor—1pack
  19. Dona—1pack
  20. Hawan Samagrih—250gram
  21. Jau—100gram
  22. Kala Til—150gram
  23. Indra jau—150gram
  24. Kamal gatta—150gram
  25. Lobhan-100gram
  26. Guggul—100gram
  27. Bhojptra—20gram
  28. Gari Gola—1
  29. Navgrah lakadi—1pack
  30. Aam ki Lakadi—1kg
  31. Boora—100gram
  32. Doodh
  33. Dahi
  34. Varan Ka Saman(Dhooti,Kurta,Gamacha)

Ghar   Ka  Samaan

  1. Friut (Phal)—5types
  2. Sweets(Misthan)—5types
  3. Phool Mala—2
  4. Phool
  5. Paan Ka Pataa—6
  6. Aam ke Patte---25
  7. Doob(Grass)
  8. Chauki—1
  9. Hawan kund--1
Steps :

If you are looking for pandit for Janmadin Puja, you will have some better options to fulfill your requirement by reaching Vidushee. You can book Pandit/Pujari online for Puja on your birthday. Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment for Puja on your birth date. We also arrange Puja Samagri for you.

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