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Durga Puja

Being one of the most awaited and holiest rituals and Puja – celebrated in entire nation (in Majorty and in grand way in West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, and other parts), Durga Puja is done to get the blessing of Aadi-Shakti, the Goddess of Power, Wisdom, positive energy, and long life- called Maa Durga.

Durga Puja, most commonly called Durgotsava, is performed wonderfully for 9 days with 3 days special Puja to worship Maa Durga or Maa AdhyaShakti in different Avatar on each day of Navratri - Sharad Navratri that are organized in the month of October each year.

The Puja is performed in a significant way to invoke Durga Maa. Chanting of Mantras and Durga Shaptshadi makes a different environment - full of divinity, spiritualism, and presence of Maa on earth. Performing this Puja bestows one with the power to overcome all the problems and obstacles they might face in life.

Key Insights
  • Durga Puja is the best source of overcome obstacles in life and eliminates them in a successful way
  • It cleans hurdles in your way of success in life
  • Durga Puja protects you from evils, negative energy, and enemies
  • It bestows you with happiness, prosperity and happy life
  • It provides you relief from prolonged illness and ensures a healthy life
Why ?
  • Durga Puja is the way of flourishing in Business by removing obstacles
  • It is the best Puja conducted for the peace and divine power
  • It is the main puja to bring happiness in life and fill it with the Goddess's blessings
Best Time

You can perform Durga Puja on Any Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Ashtami and During Navratri in the month of October-November.

Items to be used
  1. Kumkum(Roli)—1pack
  2. Rakshasutra(Kalawa)—2pack
  3. Dhoopbatti—1pack
  4. Naariyal—1
  5. Laung—25gram
  6. Elaaichi—25gram
  7. Supaari—5
  8. Panchmeva—50gram
  9. Janeu(yagyopavit)—3
  10. Coton (Rui)-1pack
  11. Itra-1
  12. Ghee—500gram
  13. Kapoor—100gram
  14. Rice(Chawal)—150gram
  15. Ganga Jal
  16. Haldi Powder—1pack
  17. Laal kapada—1m
  18. Sindoor—1pack
  19. Dona—1pack
  20. Hawan Samagrih—250gram
  21. Jau—100gram
  22. Kala Til—150gram
  23. Indra jau—150gram
  24. Kamal gatta—150gram
  25. Lobhan-100gram
  26. Guggul—100gram
  27. Bhojptra—20gram
  28. Gari Gola—1
  29. Navgrah lakadi—1pack
  30. Aam ki Lakadi—1kg
  31. Boora—100gram
  32. Doodh
  33. Dahi
  34. Varan Ka Saman(Dhooti,Kurta,Gamacha)

Ghar   Ka  Samaan

  1. Friut (Phal)—5types
  2. Sweets(Misthan)—5types
  3. Phool Mala—2
  4. Phool
  5. Paan Ka Pataa—6
  6. Aam ke Patte---25
  7. Doob(Grass)
  8. Chauki—1
  9. Hawan kund--1
Steps :

Durga Path or Durga Puja during Navaratri is the best source of filling your home with a new energy level. You can invite Pandit for Durga Puja by filling in the online form at Vidushee, or you can give us a call. We also arrange Puja Samagri for you.

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