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Saraswati Havan

Mata Saraswati is the deity of intelligence, wisdom, arts, music, memory power and other soft skills. This havan relieves us from mental pressure and improves our concentration, memory power, focus and our ability to understand complex things.

Key Insights
  • To attain excellent memory power and excel in any art form.
  • The power of speech, wisdom, and learning will increase.
  • Panchami tithi is considered to be very auspicious.
  • Main Deity: Saraswati Devi.
  • Performing this havan will bestow one with positive results in their academic life.
  • Saraswati havan helps one improve their concentration, memory, reasoning, and analytical skills.
  • Saraswati havan helps in overcoming speech and communication-related problems like stammering, etc.
  • Saraswati havan helps to overcome any obstacles and hurdles one might face in their student life.

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