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Maha Sudarshana Puja Havan

Sudarshan havan is performed for removal of all enemies & avoiding accidents. This is to improve the energy level in the environment and to eliminate undesirable elements.

Key Insights

• To overcome debts, financial difficulties, relationship issues.

• Ensures you with material wealth in abundance.

• Done on Saturdays, Ekadashi, Dwadasi and Purnima days.

• Deity Worshiped: Lord Sudarshan.

• White mustard, 108 herbs are the main ingredients used.


• Sudarshan Havan protects and helps overcome obstacles caused by one’s enemies.

• Sudarshan Havan is a powerful cure for one affected by evil spirits and the influences of negative energy.

• Performing this havan also protects one from the evil eye, black magic, and other evil curses.

• This havan bestows one with a happy and prosperous life.

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