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Sunderkand Path

Sunderkand Path

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Sundarkand Path describes Mahaveer Hanuman’s devotion along with stories of valor, wisdom, faith, dedication, and strength of Lord Hanuman. Performing this Path in our home gives us mental and physical strength and helps in getting rid of daridrata and illness in one’s life.

Key Insights

• Performed for glorifying Lord Hanuman.

• Helps in bringing peace and prosperity.

• Performed on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

• Sunderkand Path is read with kirtans.

• Main Deity: Lord Shri Ram and Bhakt Hanuman.


• Wards off evil, negative energy and enemies.

• Performing this path helps in bringing prosperity and wealth.

• Helps in bringing courage and confidence.

• Creates peaceful surrounding and purifies the mind and the soul.

• Helps in getting rid of diseases.

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