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Ark Vivah for Male

Ark Vivah for Male

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Ark Vivah is performed for the male who is having Manglik Dosh or having Second Marriage Yoga in his horoscope and lead a happy life without any hurdles caused by the malefic effects of the bad planet position in the birth chart.

Key Insights

• Marriage is performed with Ark plant (Mandar plant).

• This Puja is performed for Manglik Males.

• Mangal and Surya Jaap is also performed.

• Helps in getting rid of Manglik dosh.

• Helps in leading a happy married life after this puja.


• Helps in removal of Mangal Dosha in the Kundali.

• For long, stable, happy and fruitful married life.

• Helps in getting rid of second marriage problems.

• Clears any childbirth-related issues caused by mangal.

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